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WLS 2016 was a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended, the speakers, the volunteers, the Singapore Pools team and I-Promo for contributing to its success. All the content presented at the convention is being uploaded to the WLA website, so please visit regularly for updated information. WLS 2016 is over, WLS 2018 awaits you in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Space Reservation

WLS 2016 Trade show floor space reservation

Reservation of trade show floor space at WLS 2016 is on a first come, first served basis. 

Floor space is limited, so book your trade show floor space / booth shell scheme now!

Trade show floor space reservation deadlines:

19 September, 2016 For booking a stand.
30 September, 2016 For ordering shell scheme booths, accessories, and services.
7 October, 2016

For forwarding the copy of the third-party liability insurance policy covering any damage caused to third parties.
*By close of business hours (18:00 hrs Singapore time).

IMPORTANT: Please read the following before reserving trade show floor space!

About the trade show floor space reservation process 

Reservation of trade show floor space for WLS 2016 is a two-step process that involves:

  • Selecting your booth space on the trade show floor plan and submitting payment for the selected booth space,

then connect with I-Promo Pte Ltd for the:

  • Selection of booth shell scheme,
  • Organizing materials, accessories, and services such as furniture, electrical, audio-visual aids, graphics, personnel, porterage, catering, and plants
  • Submitting payment for the shell schemes, materials, services, and accessories ordered

Instructions for reserving trade show floor space

To reserve trade show floor space, please: 

  1. View the trade show floor plan. Click Here
  2. Complete the trade show space reservation form, indicating your three space choices in order of preference. Download Form

    WLA will do their utmost to take your preferences into account. You will be assigned your booth according to your order of preference, subject to availability. In the event that none of your booth spaces are available, WLA will, of course, advise you accordingly. 

  3. Return the completed trade show space reservation form to Nadia Bachorski-Ricchiuto at
  4. After being informed of the space number assigned to you, submit payment for your booth space.

    • Booth space rental fees
      Rental fees for booth spaces are charged at SGD 1,200 per m2. Further information can be found in the exhibitor manual.
    • Payment of booth space rental fees
      Reservation of booth spaces at the WLS 2016 trade show must be accompanied by payment of booth space rental fees. Goods and Services Tax (GST) will not be imposed on the booth space rental fees.

Trade show floor space reservation forms without proof of payment will not be processed.

Only bank transfer will be accepted. An invoice will be sent after the confirmation of space reservation.

Payment by bank transfer: 

Payments must be in Singapore Dollars (SGD). For payment of booth space rental fees by bank transfer, exhibitors are requested to make payment to the bank details provided below.

WLA Bank Details
IBAN: CH59 0483 5024 1502 8200 8 
Name of Beneficiary Account: World Lottery Association
Swift code: CRESCHZZ80A
Bank: Credit Suisse AG Basel

When paying by bank transfer:

  • Please send a copy of the bank transfer by e-mail to Nadia Bachorski-Ricchiuto at within five (5) working days from the time of booking. All bank charges must be covered by the exhibitor.
  • Please indicate clearly in the bank transfer description that the bank transfer is for payment of the WLS 2016 booth space rental. Please also be sure to include the name of the exhibitor in the bank transfer description.
  • Please ensure that the correct currency is selected, Singapore Dollars (SGD). WLA reserves the right to issue an invoice for the difference in amount due to currency exchange.

Instructions for organizing booth shell schemes, materials, accessories, and services 

To organize booth shell schemes, materials, accessories, and services, please: 

  1. Order booth shell schemes, materials, accessories, and services by completing the forms in the exhibitor manual.
  2. Submit payment for booth shell schemes, materials, accessories, and services to I-Promo Pte Ltd.

Confirmation and invoice 

After your payment is cleared, a confirmation letter and invoice will be sent to you. Please ensure that payment is made within the specified deadlines to avoid any penalties imposed. Exhibitors will be charged 7% GST for goods and services supplied in Singapore. All bank charges must be covered by the exhibitor. 

Trade show floor space reservation cancellation policy

All booth space cancellations must be put in writing to Nadia Bachorski-Ricchiuto at

Booth space cancellations are subject to the following penalties:   

  • Up to 30 June, 2016: 50% of the cost
  • From 1 July, 2016: 100% of the cost

*Cost refers to the trade show floor space and booking of booth shell schemes, materials, accessories, and services separately.


Your booth space booking contact is: 

Nadia Bachorski-Ricchiuto 
Event & Finance Manager 
World Lottery Association 
Phone +41 61 284 15 02 

For assistance with anything else related to your stand, please contact: 

I-Promo Pte Ltd
Secretariat Team
Tel: +65 6831 1394

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