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WLS 2016 was a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended, the speakers, the volunteers, the Singapore Pools team and I-Promo for contributing to its success. All the content presented at the convention is being uploaded to the WLA website, so please visit regularly for updated information. WLS 2016 is over, WLS 2018 awaits you in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Chris Eaton

Chris Eaton

Independent Advisor on Sports Integrity

Chris Eaton is a law enforcement veteran with over 45 years professional police service, much of which he has served internationally. In 1999, following almost 30 years service with both the state and federal police in his native Australia, Chris went to work for INTERPOL at its headquarters in Lyon, France.   

During his 11 years with INTERPOL Chris was in charge of international corruption investigations and coordinated international operations. His last five years at INTERPOL saw him as manager of operations.

Chris left INTERPOL in early 2010 to join FIFA as its security adviser and was later appointed FIFA’s head of security in January 2011. While with FIFA, he took a high profile stand against match fixing, which he saw as both endemic and creating a dangerous opportunity for criminal infiltration into the sport.

Following a FIFA’s rejection of a much-needed institutional reform in the fight against corruption and match fixing, Chris left FIFA in early 2012 to join the nascent, not-for-profit International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), as its inaugural Executive Director of Sport Integrity. Bringing his team of FIFA investigators with him to the ICSS, Chris managed the creation of the first neutral, independently non-aligned public-interest oversight body specifically designed to protect the integrity of sports from institutionalized criminal and unethical behavior. Chris has been a staunch advocate for reform in sports governance and in proposing academically researched, sustainable, institutional solutions, he has maintained a strong public profile.

Since 2011, Chris has maintained a consistent position that, as sports and sports betting are so inescapably globally interrelated, international solutions to the vulnerabilities unique to that relationship are crucial and increasingly urgent.

In March this year Chris retired from his position as Executive Director for Sports Integrity at the ICSS, but has been retained as an expert adviser on integrity to its President.

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